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Why do the good ones always go so soon?

The “Trololo” clip, as YouTube fans called it, opens with a kaleidoscope of rainbows on a golden background. Mr. Khil then emerges wearing a car salesman’s double-breasted brown suit, a mustard-yellow tie and an ear-to-ear smile under a helmet of brown hair. As he tests his voice, he pantomimes a carefree walk and waves to imaginary passers-by. He sings joyfully, without ever using any actual words.

Eduard Khil, Unlikely YouTube Sensation, Dies at 77 (New York Times)

Thanks Lars Biscuit

Enter a keyword and Adam Hovalty’s YouTube Insult Generator will trawl through YouTube comments for vaguely related put-downs from the internet’s wellspring of Google Translate randomness and unfocused teen bile.

Hovalty sez:

It finds stuff only about 50% of the time, but it works surprisingly well when it does work. Try general terms (“car”) and pop culture (“Michael Jordan”, “I Love Lucy”). Each insult includes a link to its source YouTube video.