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You might recall yesterday’s Zig And Zag competition giveaway?

We asked: How would YOU describe a childhood without the furry aliens?

The winners of a copy of the 25th Anniversary re-issue of  The Fridge In A Denim Jacket by Zig and Zag (O’Brien Press) are:

Sheila: “A childhood without Zig and Zag is like an children’s afternoon show never playing the whole of a music video…. oh.”

Eimear: “A childhood without Zig and Zag is like being left out of a really good inside joke.”

Luna Love God: “A childhood without Zig and Zag is like a head without Zogabons: lacking in joy.”

Gerrup: “A childhood without Zig and Zag is like a belly-button fluff collection without the fluff.”

moochaill: “A childhood without Zig and Zag is like people who tell you you’re beige when you’re really fawn: just wrong.”

Joseph McGinley: “A childhood withoug Zig and Zag is like a big green bicycle eater on a diet.”

Thanks all.

Yesterday: Care To Zig A Zig Ah?

Thanks Geraldine Feehily.


18 years ago: Ray, Zig, Zag and Dustin back when he was still Dustin Hoffman.

A Poultry Political Broadcast, but first: Baahhhbooargah!

(Thanks JW)


In cartoon form.

From Flickerpix Animation:

This is our animated pilot for a cartoon series starring everyone’s favourite aliens from the planet Zod, Zig and Zag! In this three minute trailer, Zig and Zag attempt to get all the ice cream for themselves and the only thing standing in their way is some helpless kids…

Thanks Lisa Tumbleton