REVEALED: The Face Of Irish Advertising Evil


Meet Nigel Reddy.

Looks like butter wouldn’t melt in his lantern-jaw, right?

You wouldn’t bat an eyelid if your mother took him home and introduced him as your new ‘uncle’.

Don’t be fooled.

Because someone you love would not love this man. Mum?

The Nige works for Ogilvy so-called Mather. He’s the creative assclown behind the new Kimberley Mikado ad. The 30-second car crash that has single-handedly destroyed the childhood memories of anyone over the age of 30.

Back in the day we sought comfort where we could find it. A reassuring biscuit ad voiced by Maureen Potter was just the ticket. It blotted out the pain of being manhandled by alcoholic priests.

Thanks to Nige, the Kimberley, Mikado and Coconut Cream have been dunked in an acid-nightmare of lascivious harpies and day-glo dwarfs.

‘People do think, “What?! That’s for biscuits?!”’Mr Reddy told the Irish Daily Mail. ‘But it’s just so difficult to cut through these days. Jacobs were extremely open to the concept. They are really great at investing in their brands.”

Hey, wait till you have your memories plundered and ‘cut through’ by some silver-haired advertard, Nige, and then we’ll see who’s open to the concept, whatever the frick that means.

Meanwhile, here’s Nige’s Facebook page. Tell him how upset you are.