Brian Lenihan Shares Our Feelings


“The news this morning that a former AIB bank executive received €3m remuneration in 2010 will be greeted by anger, frustration and disbelief by the Irish public.  I share these feelings,” said Deputy Brian Lenihan.

Fianna (19 April, 2011)

AIB WAS directed by government officials, acting on behalf of then minister for finance Brian Lenihan, to pay Colm Doherty his contractual entitlements when it was told to dismiss him as managing director last September.

John Corrigan, chief executive of the National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA), wrote to the board of the bank directing that it terminate Mr Doherty’s contract as a condition of the second bailout of the bank. In the letter, AIB was told to pay him what he was entitled to under his contract.

Mr Corrigan was writing on the direction of the minister.

(Irish Times, 21 April, 2011)

Which feelings would you like to share with Brian?

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