Greenpeace Tears Volkswagen Two New Ones



(The nice Vimeos were taken down. Here’s a Youtube double bill.)

Greenpeace is using two equally cute remakes of VW’s own viral ad campaign to encourage the automotive giant to reduce its CO2 emissions.

Doubtless, we can expect one more good one, then three crap prequels in a row.

Greenpeace’s beef appears to stem from a letter to the European Union from Volkswagen and other German car manufacturers on January 26, 2007. In it, the carmakers asked the EU to reconsider proposals of a mandatory target of 120g/km CO2 or less for all new cars sold in Europe from 2012.

Greenpeace claims that as the largest automotive manufacturer in Europe (one in five vehicles sold in Europe are produced by Volkswagen Group), Volkswagen has the ability to have the greatest impact in CO2 emissions.

Greenpeace vs Volkswagen: The Dark Side goes viral (Car Advice)