A Metaphor Too Far


“In the excellent film ‘Senna’, the documentary currently showing in cinemas on the life of the Brazilian racing driver, there is a scene where suddenly a new racing car comes on the circuit that starts winning everything.

Senna, like all the racing drivers, becomes obsessed and wants the same technology as this car so he too can burn up the track.

“The scene could be a metaphor for what happened in Irish banking. Everybody, or most at least, in Irish banking sought to ‘out-Anglo’ and the carnage at the end has not, metaphorically, been much different to what happens at the end of the Senna documentary.”

Executive chairman of Allied Irish Banks, David Hodgkinson, at the MacGill Summer School yesterday.

Ayrton Senna: A phenomenally gifted driver who drew millions of new fans to Formula One. Considered a saint in his native Brazil he fought with officials throughout his career for tougher safety measures on Grand Prix circuits.

AIB: Regulation-free, bonus-crazed “faintly dim rugby players” turn profitable, 200-year-old conservative lender into cash-starved, state-funded zombie.

Metaphor sturdiness: poor

Senna And AIB’s Drive For Success (Deaglan De Breadun, Irish Times)