Meanwhile On A Vacant Floor of The Google Dublin Offices.

From left: Bill Liao, John Looney (from Google) and James Whelton.

He (centre) is the walrus.

They are the eggmen.

And they’re bringing Coder Dojo to Dublin.

‘Dojo”s James Whelton writes:

We’ve managed to get an amazing space in Google’s Montevetro building. We know that some people have been awaiting the Dublin Coder Dojo to open, so much so that they have been willing to drive to Cork from Dublin just to attend the Cork Dojo, so we’re happy to announce that we will open our doors on August 27th! We’re hoping the Dojo will attract a great amount of interest from kids, teens and their parents in Dublin and surrounding counties.”


(Coder Dojo is a free coding youth club. Coding is a means to create computer programmes. And it seems it’s all free. Amazing really)

Coder Dojo