Bring Shane Back!


An image of Shane MacGowan from the Traditional and Folk Revival Section of the Icon Walk in Temple Bar has gone missing.

Dermot from The Icon Factory writes:

Shane’s large print on Aluminum (Shane, no stranger to going missing himself in the past), has been taken.

The Icon Factory is a non-profit, artist co-operative whom with some friends created the Icon Walk in Temple Bar earlier this year for both Tourists and Irish People alike to enjoy. The area of Temple Bar where the Icon Walk is situated has enjoyed something of a rebirth in the past six months. Dulux sponsored the painting of the Icon Walk area with it’s ‘Let’s Colour Project’ and Icon Factory staff and volunteers as well as some local businesses have kept the place as clean and litter free as much as possible. Earlier this year another of the artworks on the Icon Walk was set on fire and destroyed.

We are deeply upset and disgusted that someone would steal a piece of our artwork.

Any help or information would be of value. Email:

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