The Best Eamon Dunphy Interview You’ll See Today (Includes Ginger Afro)


“We’re all decent skins together. It’s about mediocrity. People who won’t see the faults in each other and most of the people I know who I use this term to describe are in public life in some way and should be serving the public interest but they don’t. But they’re never chastised, punished or exposed because they’re decent skins….this value ‘we serve each other’ …is destructive of ideas, it always pulls the best and brightest down to the level of these decent skins. Anyone who’s different, anyone who has a view that doesn’t coincide with this group view is isolated and attacked. I’m against that in public life, it’s a sickness…I am not a decent skin.”

From [David] Hanly’s People in 1987, selected by RTE Player for the station’s 50th anniversary.

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