Payments To The Bondholders So Far This Year


January total: € 3,043,517,536

February total: €1,196,513,804

From Bondwatch:

Ah January, a new month, a new year, and a very happy month it’s going to be for the bondholders of Anglo Irish Bank (and let’s not any of us, please, start using its new nom-de-plume). A dead bank, a zombie bank, a bank with now just a single reason for its own continued existence – to pay Irish taxpayers’ money on its own failed bonds.

It started on Tuesday of this week, a mere €2,000,0000 paid out to a lucky US$ Bondholder, it continues for the rest of this month, five Anglo bonds in total including a €1bn ‘covered’ (by us) bond on Jan 22nd but culminating surely in the unsecured €1.25bn bond on Jan 25th.


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