The Irish Film Censor’s Notes From The 1930s And 1940s


Casablanca: “‘Picture deals with North Africa, etc. Shows German activities in sinister light and Vichy partisans also. Unpresentable in a neutral country. Reel 4A: Cut words “Could you forgive her?”; Cut words “That would be all right, wouldn’t it?” Reel 5A: Cut from words “The day you left Paris” down to words “how much I still love you”; Cut from words “All except one” down to words “didn’t love you so much”. Reel 6A: Cut from words “But Richard, No, I, I” down to words “you can’t be any part of”.’

Moby Dick: Reel, 2: Delete nude figure on arm and muscular movement also “where is thy name dearie?” “on the seat of my pants”. Reel 6: Glimpse of semi-nude dancer, also woman at table and “For me, my name’s Poppy” “I’m buying ships not women”

Gone With The Wind: ‘Reel 1B: Better deal with this dressing scene (is it essential?). Reel 2A: Stripping her at a glance (must come out) Reel 5A: Birth (must come out). Reel 8B: (1) Offers herself (must come out). (2) Speaks of her debasing offer. Reel 9B: Deal with this attempted rape, particularly the close up of the rough’s face. Reel 10B: Three passionate and prolonged kisses (cut). Can-can (cut).

The Blue Angel: “I cannot issue a certificate for this exhibition of lustful degeneracy.”


Film Censor Records (TCD Film And TV Archive)

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