Today’s Indo article on that Polish waitress with her original in Gazeta Wyborcza :

From the Irish Independent:

‘Magda’ (36), not her real name, described her life on the dole in Donegal as a ‘Hawaiian massage’.

From original Article

Magda can do a basic massage, a Hawaiian one and a hot stone one that she’s learnt at a free course organised by the social welfare office.

From Irish Independent:

Magda doesn’t identify the town in Co Donegal where she lives but she does call it a “s***hole”.


Donegal, a county on the Northern tip of Ireland, for some it’s the most beautiful place in the world, for others – biggest nowhersville. Wherever you look, green hills and beaches stretching towards the horizon, just like on a postcard.

Irish Independent:

Sometimes I sleep till noon and the nearest beach is five minutes away


“I always start my days in the same way: I go down to the beach to see the sunrise. It sets me up for the rest of the day. I used to sleep until noon, but now I don’t want to waste my life.”

Irish Independent:

Apart from her clear intent to take advantage of our social welfare system, to describe her home as a s***hole just adds insult to injury


“Do I have a problem with being on benefits?” She ponders the question. “Yes. I don’t want to live off the state, that’s why I treat the benefits as an aid, which will help me to start my own business.”

“In the afternoon we grab a 3 euro coffee. We could have a similar one at home, but it is important to help the local business, explains Magda.

Irish Independent:

He in turn bragged about the county’s wonderful golf courses.

This last one confused me as I could not find any reference in the original article to the guy playing golf. Notice this though, it does not actually say he plays golf. Just that he is “bragging” about the golf courses. This is an interesting line as it creates a false illusion in your mind. He says in the original article that Donegal has nice scenery and good beaches and golf courses – is this ‘bragging’ or stating a fact?

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