Meanwhile, In Maudlin Vale


A picture essay from Maudlin Vale estate, Trim, Co Meath, with resident Derak O’Boyle.

The houses were constructed by Baltra Developments Ltd, a firm owned by Kildare-based builder Gerry Skelly. According to The Meath Chronicle, permission had been granted for 110 houses but only around 45 were built by the time the recession hit leaving the remainder of the site abandoned with “exposed ESB cables,10-feet deep holes in the ground, 30-foot high topsoil mounds, protruding manholes, open drains, derelict prefabs, builders’ rubbish, rusted wire fences and even rats”.

Some of the houses, which were averaging prices of around €300,000 at the height of the boom, are now worth just over €100,000.

Meath County Council have sent letters to the developers but nothing has been done in the four years Derek has lived here,

(Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland)
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