How Do You Know It’s Monday?


When Terry Prone quotes George Orwell.

In very recent days, dirge-delivery has begun to ebb. Matt Cooper, for example, is now hosting a weekly discussion with Maureen Gaffney on how to flourish as a human being rather than get locked into the whinge-box. Government may believe they caused those changes. Sorry, lads, it ain’t so. It’s a much simpler phenomenon in action. Boredom. Dr Franz Ingelfinger pointed out 30 years ago that 85% of all ailments are self-limiting. Including dismay. In other words, we can get used to anything, even diminished expectations, and after a period of time, we get fed up admiring the wreckage. George Orwell, commenting on the austerity years after the Second World War, put his finger on it.  “Everyone wants, above all things, a rest,” he said.

The Next Few Weeks Will Be Seen As The Moment Ireland Got Its Mojo Back (Terry Prone, Irish Examiner)

A Petition For Kate Fitzgerald

(Photocall Ireland)

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