A Simple Farmer’s Son


Seán Quinn appeared at the Commercial Court yesterday seeking permission to defend claims that he has some liability for €2.34 billion loaned to various Quinn companies by Anglo:

When the judge said the bank disputed whether he could appear, Mr Quinn said: “I don’t know, judge, the way I see it, Anglo joined me, I filed a defence and I want to stand over it.”

The judge said an interesting legal issue arose whether Mr Quinn could do so. The judge fixed Mr Quinn’s application for hearing on March 15th and directed the relevant legal documents be served at his address in Co Cavan. When Mr Quinn said he was “not big into emails”, the judge directed the documents could be served by ordinary post.

When the judge asked Mr Quinn how long he required to prepare for the hearing on his entitlement to defend, the latter said a week to 10 days would be adequate. “I’m a simple farmer’s son,” he said, to which the judge said: “I’m a simple man myself”.

In the distance, a chicken coughed.

Quinn seeks to stand over his defence (Irish Times)