An Irish LulzSec Hacker Writes


We understand Darren Martyn (above), 25 (according to court papers but looking considerably younger in his Facebook picture above), from Co Galway who has been charged with two counts of ‘computer hacking conspiracy’, last night wrote, under his alias Infodox, to about his arrest:

Knew it would come out eventually… Feck. Oh well… I suppose one cannot hide forever from their past. I had gone kinda-whitehat just a small bit before my arrest, and since my arrest have worked to try “rehabilitate” self by contributing as much as I can to the open source/security community while I remain at liberty to do so. We *really* were not too bright (oh, the wonders of hindsight) and I have been regretting it since *before* I got caught. As I have said in the past – going blackhat is probably the most stupid thing you can do. I had to learn that the hard way.
Funny fact: Topiary suspected Sabu was a narc, ‘cos he vanished for a while and when he came back he *never* owned another box. He just did the shouty thing.


We wish him the best.

Infodox (


After Hacker Arrests, an Attack on the Vatican and a Growing Anxiety (New York Times)

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