The Mahon Tribunal: Read Only


The Mahon Tribunal has declared that years of video of witnesses giving evidence will never be released.
Officials with the planning corruption probe have said it will release its long-awaited final report soon. 

However, the judges with the inquiry have now announced that evidence at hearings, which were electronically recorded, will never enter the public domain. 

Several taoisigh, dozens of former ministers, TDs, developers and lawyers appeared in the witness box between 1997 and 2008. 

The stored video footage includes several appearances by Bertie Ahern, whose finances were thoroughly probed by tribunal lawyers. 

The inquiry was originally set up in 1997 to deal with allegations of planning corruption in north Dublin and its remit later included payments to politicians and officials.

Thousands of hours of footage from 900 days of recording.



Mahon Tribunal will never release video evidence (Irish Examiner)


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