The Man Who Wants You To Pay The Household Charge


Financial advisor Brendan Burgess of

I would imagine that the vast majority of people support the household charge and other taxes, even if they don’t like paying them.  But the protests by the vocal minority who oppose them get a lot of attention. How would those of us who support the charge campaign in its favour? Here are some ideas –
Maybe organise a day in mid March “Pay your Household Charge today”
Issue stickers “I have paid my household charge”
Help relatives and neighbours who don’t have internet access to pay online.
Put up posters.

Alternatively, you can repeatedly play this video of Brendan from 2008:


Bryan Dobson: “You advise people on what they might do with their money…Irish bank shares are down to what they were in the mid-1980s, is that a buying opportunity?”

Brendan Burgess: “Irish banks are very well regulated, Irish banks are very sound….. we’re going to look back in a few times at the state of Irish banks [and ask] how did we not fill our shoes with those shares?”


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