Banking Overlords Urge Yes To Fiscal Treaty, No To Sinn Féin


A ‘No’ vote in the upcoming May 31st referendum will damage Ireland’s ability to borrow, according to a ‘major international financial institute’ which sez (without a scintilla of irony):

“Our general view on the Irish situation is: here’s your success story, and what we’re hopeful for is that that success story doesn’t get bumped off course.”

The institute, which draws its directors from Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, Goldman Sachs, UBS, HSBC and Morgan Stanley, has told its members to be on alert for three strands of news from Ireland: economic performance following a new wave of fiscal austerity; opinion polls on the referendum; and “the rise of Sinn Féin” in polls.

“One of the things we notice is: Sinn Féin is quite supportive of taking a tough line on the promissory note issue. That’s something which will make international investors nervous,” (institute chief economist) Mr (Phil) Suttle said.

International investors. Mmf. We owe them so much.

Bankers Warn Of No Vote Risk As EU Treaty Date Set (Irish Times)


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