Game Of Prones


Good old Tess.

In one email, sent in January by Ms Prone to the Minister’s private office, she said: “Bottom line – us being nice isn’t enough . . .

“And getting action out of people may require that action is taken at a higher level with the department.”

Ms Prone also warned the private office in another email sent in February, regarding an event in Dr Reilly’s home area of Fingal in north Dublin, that as he would be speaking in his own backyard he would “ad lib their legs off”. She signalled there would be little for her to contribute in terms of speech-writing for the event.

“I figure I’m severely redundant in relation to anything in his backyard. If he suddenly feels the urge for me to write something different, I stand braced, eager and ready to serve. XXXX! Tess.”

The Irish Times reported in February that Dr Reilly and Minister for Children Frances Fitzgerald were both paying out of their personal ministerial allowance for the Communications Clinic, whose directors are Ms Prone and Tom Savage, also chairman of the RTÉ board. Dr Reilly said he had paid €15,000 last year to the Communications Clinic.

Prone Tells Reilly’s Office To Toughen Up On Tardy Staff (Martin Wall, Irish Times)

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