What Could You Do With €1,500,000,000?


Another month.

Another unsecured, ‘unguaranteed’ bondholder payment.

From Nama Wine Lake:

Who: AIB, which is 99.8% owned by the State and which has so far cost €20.7bn to bailout

How much: €1,500,000,000 (€1,500m or €1.5bn)

When: tomorrow, 11th April 2012

What: “Unsecured”, that is, not secured against specific assets, “unguaranteed”, that is not covered by the September 2008 guarantee or its extensions.

Just Another Day In the Irish Economy As €1.5bn is Paid Over By State-Owned Bank To Unsecured, Unguaranteed Bondholders (Nama Wine Lake)

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