Everytime I Try To Leave They Pull Me Back In


Robert Clancy (above) writes:

Two weeks ago I sent the following email to my Bishop;

To: Bishop John Kirby, of the Clonfert Dioceses.
I write expressing exclusive interest in revoking my membership of the Catholic Church. I no longer attend mass, haven’t for quite some time. I am a happy and proud homosexual living with my partner and do not hold strong many of the beliefs and interpretations that the Catholic Church still holds. While I do not disrespect your beliefs I strongly disapprove of the Catholic Church’s involvement in politics, the stance on Gay Rights, the secrecy, the lack of justice brought forward on those responsible for the disgraceful acts carried out on innocent children and the attitude of Cardinal Sean Brady on the matter.  My partner and I intend to adopt someday. Upon their 18th birthday they will be given the option to chose a religion should they wish to do so. That will be their choice, however, given the very evident lack of care, forward thinking and self preservation stances of the Catholic Church I find it quite unlikely that any informed individual would consider membership in such an organisation. I hereby denounce my faith, I denounce my member ship of the Catholic Apostolic Church, Denouncing all sacraments to this point, Baptismal, Confessional, Communion and retracting Confirmation.


Robert Clancy
Parish of Ballymacward

I received the following response

Dear Robert,
I have received your email two weeks ago and I regret the delay in replying to your request. I have written to Fr Sean Slattery, P.P. asking him to include in your entry in the baptismal register that you have revoked your membership of the Catholic Church.
I wish you well.
Criost Linn,
Bishop John Kirby

Now, thinking that this was job done, I posted to Facebook the above. My friends, however, inform me that, according to the website countmeout.ie, Canon Law is changing to say that I may not be able to revoke my membership in the Catholic Church. That defecting may no longer be possible. If so, what exactly has been done by me writing that email to my Bishop? Will anything be done? Or are we democratic citizens bound to be registered as Catholic no matter what we do?