Broadsheet Trailer Park: Barbaric Genius


Five things you need to know:

1. Barbaric Genius is a documentary about London-Irish author, chessmaster and troubled soul John Healy, author of The Grass Arena, a seminal autobiography that you need to track down immediately. Now, that’s what we call a summer read.

2. Venerable thespian Mark Rylance played Healy in the BBC version of The Grass Arena.

3. A truncated take on Barbaric Genius ran on RTE a few months back – this is the feature length version. It’s better. In fact, it’s the best Irish documentary of 2012.

4. Director Paul Duane previously directed a short film, My Dinner With Oswald, written by controversial Irish Times film critic Donald Clarke. Watch it here:

5. Barbaric Genius opens at the IFI Dublin today.

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