That’s not a punchline.

This, etc.

Irish comedy works exactly like Fianna Fáil. It just hasn’t been chased, hung up and gutted. Yet. So why aren’t our top Irish comedians more satirical, edgy about Ireland, the Celtic Tiger and all that? For starters they were the fat comedy kittens suckling noisily on the Celtic Tiger’s withered old teats. Still suckling on the fetid corpse.
All unregulated and unchallenged by De Meejia, State or We The People.
Sound familiar? Nothing to say about day-to-day Ireland, because they are not of it.
Surfing the greedy wave, they are well in with the bankers, the advertisers, the sponsors and the media whores, when they should be lining up those very turkeys in their gun sights.
Spotlight the money trail and you find that many of our public, pouting, posturing comedians did fantastically well out of boom-crazed Ireland, but they get moany and sob in green rooms on free booze, that they are true artists, with de integrity, like.
Knights in shiny Armani more like.



And he’s naming names.

Death Of Satire Just When We Needed It? Now That’s Funny (Alex Lyons, Irish Times)