The Busman Writes


Dublin Bus logo (left) and The Busman’s logo (right)

Niall de Buitlear writes~;

A little while back Broadsheet featured a photograph (above) of me wearing a t-shirt and mask featuring a skull image made by modifying the Dublin Bus logo.The photo was taking during the filming of an online promo video for the website where I was selling the t-shirts for a short time.

Before I was able to officially launch the website I received an email from a law firm representing Dublin Bus.They demanded that I stop selling the parody t-shirts and remove the images.I’ve had to give in and withdraw the t-shirts from sale. The images on my site have been edited and the video will never be released.
I’m trying to get a new small business off the ground but that has essentially been scuppered by a semi-state company before it really had a chance. A fair bit of money has gone down the drain as a result. I want to keep going with a second design but at the moment I can’t afford to have it printed. I’ve decided to try to presell the t-shirts. If I can get 50 orders then I will be able to get 100 printed and I’ll be back in business (though still in the red). Your support would be greatly appreciated.

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