Seeking The Truth About Kate’s Final Days


The new investigation was ordered to establish all of the circumstances of Kate fitzgerald’s death — after her post-mortem results raised the possibility that she may have died in suspicious circumstances.

A detective superintendent at Pearse Street Garda Station was appointed to lead a new inquiry last month. It is understood that a team of up to eight detectives have begun interviewing those who were in contact with Ms Fitzgerald in her last days.

Kate’s injury ‘Inconsistent With Suicide’ (Maeve Sheehan, Sunday Independent

Tragic Kate’s Story Not Yet Finished (Maeve Sheehan, Sunday Independent)

Was Kate Fitzgerald, Head Of Democrats Abroad, Murdered In Dublin? (Patrick Counihan, Irish Central)

 Where Are You On This?

“What is quite disturbing to me and to Sally, as Kate’s parents, is that this important story, while creating an unprecedented online storm, has been totally ignored by the traditional media. One senior Irish Times journalist said that “one dog does not eat another”. That is to say that one newspaper does not attack another. Does this explain why other media do not cover this story?

Is it not in the interest of the whole profession to have higher standards in journalism?  When The Irish Times, the icon of journalism, fails to meet basic standards of journalistic ethics, surely the rest of the press should talk about it. It tarnishes you as well.  Surely, the basic tenet of journalism is that when there is huge interest shown by the public, it is a bona fide story and you cover it.  Beyond journalistic ethics, a tested story sells papers.  Must everything move online as traditional media falters?  So where are you on this?”

Kate’s father, Tom Fitzgerald: “To Journalists” (Broadsheet, December 22, 2011) 

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