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Further to yesterday’s post about Verona Mullen comes this photo from her niece Martina Mullin who writes:

My granny died about fifteen years after Verona and my dad found this photo among my granny’s things.
Verona modelled in Ireland and Europe. I’m not sure how long for. She did a degree in English in New York.  After her degree she was doing a masters or phd in Harvard but as I mentioned she got sick [with breast cancer].  I think she was trying to treat it naturally or homeopathically but after ten years it got the better of her. I think she died in Barcelona because her long term partner worked in Spain. He was a doctor and was possibly helping to treat her.
One story my uncle told me that I loved is as follows: Verona rang my granny when Aran jumpers came into fashion and asked my granny to knit her one.  My granny was delighted thinking Verona was getting sense at last and giving up on all that high living she was doing in Dublin. My granny knitted the jumper it and sent it to Verona in Dublin.
Verona arrived down to mass on Christmas Eve wearing it and nothing else!  It was a great Christmas for the bachelor farmers of north Leitrim!

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