How Sandymount Strand Would Have Looked To Leopold Bloom


Hang on.

What’s that disappointed bridge pier doing there?

*scratches head*

Discovered on the excellent South Dublin County Libraries image archive.

‘Sibling’ of Daedalus’  ponders

I never knew about the pier and I’m not too sure it’s mentioned in the buke. So this is what S/mt Strand would have looked like to Leopold Bloom? A mini-Brighton The photos are from c.1900 because the little boy in the first one is wearing an Oxford Suit which was around from about 1895-1915.

I thought whoever put it up [the image] had made a mistake and it was Belfast, because it says Belfast on the sign [second pic], but I think it’s referring to day trips on a boat, so indeed there was a pier.

What always amazes me is how good the infrastructure was for middle-class Dubliners c.1900. Lovely railings, parks etc. Of course if you lived in the slums a very different story.

South Dublin County Libraries

Sibling of Daedalus