Something To Remember The Eucharistic Congress By


Anon writes:

I work as an art facilitator in a residential nursing home. Yesterday I called in for a chat with one of the participants of the art sessions I give once a week. He was very excited to show me a medal he had bought in commemoration of the Eucharist Conference in Dublin (above).

However, he was terribly disappointed when he took the medal out and
realised there was no way to fix the medal to a chain. Sure, you could thread a ribbon through it but he thought that would cheapen the beautiful thing he had just paid close to €50 for. FIFTY EURO!

But he didn’t mind the price because he had been told it was very limited edition, I didn’t have the heart to point out the number on the accompanying card – 285 out of 1000.

Now it’s just sitting in a cardboard box on his bedside locker instead
of around his neck with his other holy medals.

Mmmf :-(