Get Them Young


DéiseDee writes:

As a former teacher who now works full time in dog welfare, I am disgusted and appalled at Irish Greyhound Board’s poster encouraging schools to do tours of Greyhound Stadiums.I see every day the results of an industry that uses these beautiful dogs as a commodity; dumping and often killing greyhounds that no
longer make money for their owners.

However, putting that aside, why are the IGB allowed to encourage schoolchildren to become the gamblers of tomorrow? Cigarettes and alcohol come with warnings and age restrictions, yet gambling can be freely promoted to underage children?

Given that Gamblers Anonymous now says that gambling addiction is at an all-time high in Ireland, I think this campaign is totally reprehensible. Schools should think of their student’s welfare and completely boycott this attempt to line the pockets of the IGB with blood money.

School Trips (Irish Greyhound Board)