Contrary Marys


Apparitions by French artist Soasig Chamillard. Madonna reinvented: found or damaged Virgin Mary miniatures reimagined as pop culture icons. As you’d expect, Chamillard’s work is not to everyone’s taste:

In 2011, Chamaillard’s reimagined icons created quite the controversy in Nantes, France, where Catholic critics declared her exhibit at Galerie Albane “scandalous,” “shameful,” and “blasphemous.” One disapproving commenter wrote on the Catholic web site Observatoire de la Christianophobie: “Faced with so much sacrilege tears came spontaneously to my eyes.” Another user simply stated: “May this ‘artist’ burn in hell and may flames devour this gallery.”

The spirit of Christian forgiveness, there.

The Virgin Mary Becomes Superman: Artist Soasig Chamaillard Creates Saintly Pop Culture Icons (Huffington Post)


(For Charles Kenny)

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