Dublin To Kerry One Way: €62


Stephen K writes:

Just looking at your ‘Dublin to Cork Return: €81′ post. I can beat that.

After missing my flight back home to Kerry on Sunday evening (secretly a calculated decision involving alcohol, Donegal fans and an inability to even consider facing work after a week on holiday) I decided to get the train down first thing on Monday morning.

The cost of a one way ticket was €62. One way. To Kerry. The train was fifteen minutes late to leave Heuston, we had to wait an extra five minutes in two different stations and a cup of tea was €3.35.

The flights I had booked were €68 return. A bus journey is €25.65 and if I was to drive back it would have cost in the region of €35. all of these significantly cheaper and significantly better service.

I can honestly say that I will never again use the services of Iaronrod Eireann and it was no surprise that the train was virtually empty.

And now they’re raising the prices. Figure that one out.

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