“I think we need to find better ways of ensuring people understand what it is that Labour want to do and what Labour can do. And I think there’s attempts within the party to make sure those communications are better but I think councillors, and ordinary members, want to be able to feed up their information better but we also need to get clearer communication down. But I think that’s happening. But it’s a difficult time.’ Cllr Michael O’Sullivan (Left).


“There is a lot of negativity out there. Without any question of doubt, there’s a lot of fear. People are really suffering. However, there is a lot of support there, there’s a lot of good happening. Probably we’re not, we’re not doing ourselves any justice in the Labour Party. Maybe we need to talk up more, the positive things that Labour are attributing to this Government. Party member Marion Irwin-Gowran (right).


‘We’ve done our best. Unfortunately, and regrettably, we have broken some of our pre-election promises. One in particular is the cap on salaries to advisers and that’s one thing, while not a big savings in the overall scheme of things, it has rankled with people, who I’ve met, either knocking on doors or walking around villages like Terenure and Crumlin. It is the principle of the thing And I think it’s something that maybe we’ll live to regret.’ Cllr Henry Upton.


We promised a lot of reform and I think we do need to deliver on that reform. We do need to be faster on our delivery of that reform. And we are two, we’re almost two years into this Government, and it’s important that the Labour party starts, I suppose, to show people that reforms are happening.’  Bernard Cantillon, Chairman of Labour’s Equality Committee.


From RTE’s This Week in Politics’ report last night from Dublin South Central, where Labour are the biggest party with two Dail seats.