This Doesn’t Normally Happen


Nathan F writes:
I wanted to share a small bit of news with you. This morning I went out to my garden shed to get my bike (purchased a few months ago via the bike to work scheme) and head to work. When I went to unlock the shed I noticed the bolt plate had been partially unscrewed with a screw missing. When I got inside the shed, I saw that my bike helmet
was not on the bike where I always leave it (it was on a shelf) and the lid of my toolbox was open (which I hadn’t left open). After a bit of confusion I came to the conclusion that during the night somebody had unscrewed the bolt from the shed door to bypass the lock and got inside with a view to stealing the two bikes inside. However, thanks
to the numerous posts on Broadsheet about bikes being stolen and the excellent video about how to properly lock a bike, I always fully lock the two bikes together in the shed. So nothing was taken. Thanks. I am a bit worried about why they partialy screwed the bolt plate back on to make it look like nothing had happened though.
Perhaps they’ll be back tonight with a lock cutter!!