Karl’s Irish App of the Day: Draw-It, Push-It


We like Redwind Software.

On top of being the only company we know of that is using Job Bridge properly, they also really are at the forefront of the much touted ‘smart economy’.

This week they launched their latest game Draw-it, Push-it.

It’s a Pictionary style game where you use the iPad to draw your word and the other players buzz in using their iPhones/iPod touches.

This is the first game of its kind in the Apple App Store making it a pretty impressive  technical achievement by this small indie developer.

Okay, so you inevitably end up with the usual sweary/shouty slagging match as people accuse you of drawing badly and you must have an iPad and 2 iPhones to play but once you’re over these hurdles it’s a devilishly fun game to play.

In fact you could say we’re strangely drawn.



Redwind Software – Draw-It, Push-It

Draw-it, Push-it


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