Karl’s Android App of the Day: Next Bus Dublin


As some of the commenters pointed out in our post about My Dublin Bus, it’s only available for iPhone.

Up steps Dublin based mobile developer Stephen McBride (he happens to do both iOS and Android apps) to fill the gap for Android.

While not as cutesy as My Dublin Bus, it does provide a clean interface to getting at the bus timetables. All the expected functionality is there – searching, favourites and maps. But the killer feature is the ability to add shortcuts to your home screen to a bus route so you don’t have to fiddle with menus to get at your bus home.

It’s available as an ad supported free version as well as a paid download (you do realise developers can’t just survive on crumbs from their keyboards right?).

Next Bus Dublin (free)
Next Bus Dublin (€1.99)

Do you have an Irish app? Broadsheet@broadsheet.ie

No favours, cuddles, or pints were given for this post. (Full disclosure, Karl used to work with Stephen)
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