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It’s behind us.

Oh yes it isn’t.

Colm Ó Mongáin: “Are we paying up in March?”

Sammy Sausages Eamon Gilmore: “We didn’t pay last year and we’re determined that we will have a resolution of the promissory note…ah…issue by the time it’s due in March.”

Ó Mongáin: “So we’re not paying in March or we are paying in March?”

Gilmore: “We didn’t pay last year and the Government is working on a resolution of that issue..ah…and…ah…..I’m confident that we’ll find that resolution.”

Tanaiste Eamon Gilmore on RTE Radio One’s ‘This Week’.

Listen here (at 27:43)

The Department of Finance in its own Budget 2013 outlook for next year shows that the promissory note was paid.

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