Would You Like This Bottle?


2013 marks 25 years since the Dublin Millenium.

Happy, joyous times.

To celebrate Niall from TShocks.net has rebooted the famous Millenium milk bottle for  a new millenium whenever that may be.

The re-usable bottles come in 2 sizes 500ml and 1L.

Perfect for the damn vintage retro ironic hipster in your family.

We have  5 – yes FIVE –  of the large bottles to give away (and will be delivered before Xmas should you reside in Dublin) in a one-in-a- Milk-enium giveaway

Just finish this sentence.

My one abiding memory of the ‘aluminium’ is……

The five judged finest will secure a bottle EACH..

Lines close at 2.45pm 4.45pm.

The bottles are available to buy at Designist on South Great George’s or online at Tshock.net. Niall will also be selling them from his stall all at the Christmas Market at the Twisted Pepper on Middle Abbey Street) this afternoon from 4-10pm.

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