Got Milk Bottle Winners?



The following will have a retro Dublin 1988 Millennium Milk bottle delivered to their DOOR having won yesterday’s milk-ennium memories competition.

“Assembly in primary school where we had to learn traditional Dublin songs… Including Monto. Nothing more appropriate than getting 300 kids under 12 to sing about losing a mot up the Furry Glen.” (Moog)

“My one abiding memory of the ‘aluminium’ is……the big row over whether we were celebrating the millennium in the wrong year.” (MickMick)

“The year 1988 was going fine, until my favourite cat got squashed on the road – 28th October, it was a Wednesday. Bin day was a Wednesday too. The bin truck didn’t take him away though, because we got there first. Buried in the back garden. Listening to A-ha on my yellow Walkman helped to get me through. I hope I win this Millennium milk bottle.” (JJ)

“My one abiding memory of the ‘aluminium’ is years later, my parents telling me the reason they had me is because of it, I was a “surprise”. (CuteHoor)

“When Derek Davis walked in a pile of horeshite when he was the grandmaster of the parade in the Finglas Festival.” (Parp)

Thanks all

1998 Bottle (

Thanks Niall de Buitléar