Waiting For SUSI (Dramatic Update)


You may recall Bryan’s anxious wait for news from the SUSI, the student application grant clearing house.

Well, he has some news.

And it’s a tale as old as time.

Bryan writes:

I have had an interesting few days with SUSI. Having heard nothing from them since December, I phoned them on Monday and it turns out they sent me an “award letter” in December, but they seeing as they sent it to my old address, they had to post me another one, this time to my new address.

Then I found out that I had been awarded the wrong amount: Only the student contribution was to be covered, €2,000, and I was going to have to pay the tuition fees of nearly €6,000 per year myself.

I thought enough was enough. I contacted a TD on Wednesday who had offered his help to me regarding SUSI months ago.

He contacted SUSI and exactly 24 hours later, yesterday (Thursday), my application had been reassessed, and I was awarded 100% of my tuition fees, as should have been the case from the beginning.

It takes them over 6 months to assess an application and award the wrong amount, but less than 24 hours to assess an application and award the correct amount when a TD is involved.

It says quite a lot about Irish bureaucracy, doesn’t it?

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