Through Thick And Thin


They can’t quit each other.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny on Health Minister James Reilly  to RTÉ’s Fran McNulty on RTÉ Radio One’s This Week yesterday.

Fran McNulty: “The main question I’m asking is: Do you think James Reilly is doing a good job?

Enda Kenny: “Yes, I do.”

McNulty: “You do? Yet, despite, you still feel the need to work with him more closely which, in your own words, means you want to make sure he achieves standards.”

Kenny: “Minister Reilly has an enormous work to do. And it’s not just about Minister Reilly. He’s operating on behalf of Government but with Ministers of State (Kathleen) Lynch and (Alex) White, and that trio are leading the structural changes that need to be made in the area of health together now, with the implementation of the Health Service Executive plan. What I can say about Minister Reilly is this, that he has always had a genuine, personal concern for putting patients first.
“And we set out, in this programme for Government, to introduce universal health insurance at the end of our programme. This is a long and challenging road but remember it is about providing the very best service and attention for people who need it, based on their medical requirements, as distinct from what they’ve got in their pocket. So, of all of the hills to be climbed here, health is one that remains challenging. And it’s one that I’m going to help the minister and his team, and all of those involved in the health area, to implement. To see that we can actually achieve what we want to achieve.”

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(Laura Hutton/{Photocall Ireland)

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