Karl’s Irish iPhone/Android App of the Day: Storymap


Last year we told you about Storymap by Tom Rowley and Andrew Flaherty, a site which ties stories to locations around Dublin. The natural progression is to provide it all wrapped up in an app so you can find out about where you’re standing.

Enter Jamie Osler and Eoin Rogers, two final year DIT students who developed the Storymap iPhone and Android apps under the supervision of Bryan Duggan.

The app has all the current stories (with more promised) from the site grouped into various categories (but you have to guess at what the colours mean as there doesn’t seem to be an explanation for them).

It also strings them into a variety of themed walking tours across the city, but the killer feature of the app is to create a custom tour for you between where you are and where you’re going.

An annoyance though is that watching a video takes you out of the app and into Safari (obviously this is on the iPhone).


Available on the Apple App Store (€2.69) and Google Play (€2.69).

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