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A copy and paste ‘cease and desist’ mandate to TDs compiled by the Anti-Eviction Taskforce for homeowners facing repossession.

Dear Sir / Madam,
I am writing to you on behalf of the currently distressed mortgage holders in Ireland:

As of March 2012, 77,630, or 10.2 % of Mortgage holders, were in arrears of more than 90 days. This compares with 70,945 accounts (9.2 % of total) that were in arrears of more than 90 days at end-December 2011.

The number of accounts that were in arrears of more than 180 days was 59,437 at end-March 2012, equivalent to 7.8 per cent of the total. At end-December 2011, the number of accounts in arrears of more than 180 days was 53,120, or 6.9 per cent of the total.

Therefore, 116,288 accounts were either in arrears of over 90 days or had been restructured and were performing as at the end of March.

In arrears 90-180 day: 87,293, over 180 days 1,209,459. Total = 1,296,752

Residential properties in possession – at end of quarter.

As you can see from the above statistics, distressed mortgage holders make up a large proportion of the Irish Electorate and these numbers are growing monthly. The issue of distressed mortgages in Ireland has been allowed to fester and grow since the downturn with both the Financial Sector and the Government of the day determinedly avoiding to take responsibility for the situation or to focus on developing equitable resolution to the issue (as is their duty).

Article 45 IV: That in what pertains to the control of credit the constant and predominant aim shall be the welfare of the people as a whole.

We have seen household debt increase from 68.9% of personal disposable income in 2000 to over 150% in 2007, and this % continues to rise as debt remains stagnant while income reduces or in many cases disappears

The result of this negligence by the Government of the Day is:

Ever increasing numbers of distressed mortgage holders
Ever increasing debts / arrears per household
Serious damage to the domestic economy
Untenable stress levels within those family units
Dramatic increases in family break-ups
Dramatic increase in suicide figures

This negligence by the Government (and by default, the financial sector) must now stop. It is critical that the issue of distressed mortgages be given top priority by this Government:

It now must be the goal of this Government to devise and drive resolution, to save family units, to save family homes and to save the lives of family member.

Step one in this process has to be; A Complete Cessation of Eviction in Ireland.

The automatic benefits of this cessation will be:

To reduce stress levels within family homes struggling with distressed mortgages.
A change in the playing field to focus both the Government and Financial Institutions on devising equitable and workable resolution to this issue thus eventually eliminating the issue long term.
A return to the ethical basis on which the Irish Constitution is founded; for the good of Irish Citizens.

In this letter we, the distressed mortgage holders of Ireland, deliver to you a clear mandate to present the Government with a motion to introduce a complete ban on eviction from the family home in Ireland with immediate effect.

Please be advised that we do not wish to receive any automated replies, replies from your secretaries or any replies advising that you will look into this matter. This mandate requires your personal and IMMEDIATE ACTION.

There is no justification for any family to be put under severe duress or threat of eviction because of the economic downturn.

As our elected representative in this democratic country of Ireland, you are duty-bound to deliver on this mandate on behalf of the citizens of Ireland by immediately bringing forward a motion in the Dáil for a complete cessation of eviction in Ireland to protect the family home.

Yours Sincerely

………………………… (for and behalf of Distressed Mortgage Holders)

Via @antievictiontfo

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