Pointing A Telescope At The Sun


Alan Friedman likes to point a Hydrogen Alpha filtered telescope directly at the sun from his backyard in Buffalo, New York. Above are the raw, colourless original images he captures and others that Friedman has tweaked, unblurred and colourised in order to tease out the fine detail. Sez he:

My photographs comprise a solar diary, portraits of a moment in the life of our local star. Most are captured from my backyard in Buffalo, NY. Using a small telescope and narrow band filters I can capture details in high resolution and record movements in the solar atmosphere that change over hours and sometimes minutes.

The raw material for my work is black and white and often blurry. As I prepare the pictures, color is applied and tonality is adjusted to better render the features. It is photojournalism of a sort. The portraits are real, not painted. Aesthetic decisions are made with respect for accuracy as well as for the power of the image.

Even higher definition photos are on show at Friedman’s Tumblr.

And here’s a TEDx talk he gave last year.


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