The Vow Of Snobbery


Class-conscious nuns.

They literally knew their place.

Sheila M writes:

I’ve just spent the afternoon with my parents walking around their old haunts in Dublin. My mum, who trained as a nurse in St Vincent’s in the Sixties showed me where two old ballrooms used to be – The National (above) on Parnell Square and Barry’s Hotel (top) on Denmark Street Great/Gardiner Row.

She said the nuns wouldn’t let the student nurses go there cause it was where “the maids” went .

She also told me the student nurses used to have to wear special stockings (a certain shade, etc.), which they had to buy from the Magdalene Laundry in Stanhope Street. The same stockings were cheaper in Dunnes But they had to buy them from the Magdalenes. The nuns would know by the seams. Good times.


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