‘Ireland Is Certainly The A Student In Europe’




Finance Minister Michael Noonan on Bloomberg Television’s ‘The Pulse’ earlier today.

It was all smiles until around 9.30, when he was asked about the Bundesbank’s president Jens Weidmann’s recent comments regarding  the legality of the promissory note deal.


In a much more sombre exchange with news anchor Guy Johnson at 10.38.

Guy Johnson: “No rules were broken.”

Michael Noonan: “No rules were broken.”

Johnson: “Do you expect any challenge? Do you expect a legal challenge to emanate from German? Could there be a challenge? And how destabilising would that be?”

Noonan: “I don’t expect any legal challenge from any authority or any institution in Europe. Individuals frequently take cases, we have a string of them in the Irish courts always, but they don’t go very far.”


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Watch his full interview here.

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