Fair Play Though, In Fairness



Yesterday Fianna Fáil (yes, yes we know) launched proposals on how to deal with Ireland’s suicide problem.

Among them were:

1) Reform and restructure the National Office for Suicide Prevention.

2) Create a 24hr helpline within the NOSP.

3) Phase out alcohol advertising directed at young people.

4) Increase the number of resource officers for suicide prevention.

5) Create a system whereby GPs review the prescription of anti-depressants monthly until the GP is happy that the medication is the best course of action.

6) Establish out-of-hours emergency social worker teams across Ireland.

7) Reverse the Government’s decision to cut dedicated guidance counsellor hours in secondary schools.

8) Introduce guidance counsellors in primary schools.

9) Increase funding for projects aimed at preventing suicide.

10) Make banks provide professional counselling to lenders in mortgage arrears, business or personal debt.

Read it here

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