How Far Will They Go?


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More than 70 Trinity students in groups of two, including Rosie Goulding and Nicole O’Sullivan, top, left Dublin yesterday morning.

Goal? To get as far away from Trinity as possible without spending any money within 36 hours.

Some have reached Singapore already.

Lydia Rahill writes:

“Students have already hitchhiked, blagged and snuck their way on to planes, trains and ferries. While many have scattered across Europe, some are en route to places such as Dubai and even Argentina! The project has raised over 7,000 already and is part of the Law Societies fundraising festival Lawlapolooza and all proceeds will be going to Trinity VDP (Vincent De Paul) and DU Amnesty!”

Read messages from the teams and find out where they’ve landed so far here.

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(Pic: University Times and TCD Jailbreak)

UPDATE: Scenes from somewhere around the globe:
Jail1 Jail2

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