And So To Ted



‘Munkfisht’ wins the Stephen Wildish’s Study in Ted A3 print in yesterday’s competition

By correctly identifying ( from left):

Fr Ted Crilly
Fr Dougal Maguire
Fr Jack Hackett
Mrs “Sound of a Sheep Baaing” Doyle
Fr Dick Byrne
Fr Cyrill McDuff
Fr Larry Duff
Fr Fintan “I’ve had my fun” Stack
Tom “Would ye believe a dog did that to me”
Pat “Massive Tool” Mustard.
Eoin “I’ve no Willy” McLove.
Bishop Len Brennan.
Mary “Ye Feckin tit ye” O’Leary.
John “At least that’s one pair between us” O’Leary.
Sr Assumpta.
Noel “I Really Like Tony” Furlong.

A Study In Ted is available from Jam Art Prints.

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