Eye Candy: Fluidic



Fluidic – an interactive light sculpture – is a collabortation between Hyundai’s Advanced Design Center and WHITEvoid studio in Berlin.

12,000 suspended spheres form a ‘three dimensional pixel’ array, 3D cameras sense the motion of observers and translate these into light patterns using high-speed lasers. WHITEvoid describes it thus:

…a seemingly floating point cloud above a water pond and consisting of 12,000 translucent spheres marks the heart of the installation. Due to a complex computer algorithm the spheres are arranged seemingly random within the cloud. At the same time the algorithm observes the positions and projection angles of eight high-speed laser projectors that are being arranged around the artwork. They are sending out beams scanning through the arrangement of the cloud. Generating bright and dim light points, this creates a highly organic and natural distribution of voxels (3D pixels). Emerging lines and shapes finally form graphical compositions without any sweet or blind spots. Keeping the same density and intensity the FLUIDIC graphics enables their viewers to observe and interact with it from every point of view.

Currently on display at the Temporary Museum For New Design in Milan.